What sizes are One-size wall murals and what are my postage options?

Ideal Décor murals – 366cm wide x 254cm high – 8 panels total. Postage options are UPS – delivery in 14 – 21 days or FedEx International – delivery in 5-7 days – additional costs apply.

Do I have to prepare my wall before I install my wall mural?

Yes, absolutely.
For existing walls we strongly suggest you apply 2x light coats of either a basic acrylic paint (non-silicon/teflon/additives)/ wallpaper preparation paint or wallboard sealant. Wash and wear paints will repel wallpaper glue and your installation may not be successful. Painting 2x light coats will put a barrier between the existing paint and the glue. Our recommendation is to paint 2x coats of either Dulux Aquanamel Gloss and Cabot’s Cabothane Clear. Both products will completely seal your wall and barrier against any wash and wear or existing paint on your wall.

Always use a ‘fine’ roller. Larger rollers will create a texture which can affect adhesion as the glue will adhere to the higher sections of paint leaving small gaps, rule of thumb – smoother the surface the better your application will be! For clear coats leave at least 24-48 hours to dry out. Paint/sealant allow around 5-7 days to dry whenever possible – remember the wall must be COMPLETELY DRY.

New wall? Wipe the surface with a damp cloth to remove dust/grime – paint coat 1 – allow to dry – lightly sand – wipe wall down to remove paint dust – paint coat 2 – allow to dry 48 hours minimum before installing your mural. Please check our free download at the bottom of this page or call us if you have any installation questions.

Can I cut my one-size wall mural down to fit my wall?

Yes you certainly can. One-size wall murals come in 8 panels which can be easily cut down to
fit your wall.

How much per meter squared is your custom wallpaper if I supply my own image?

Approximately $100.00 per meter squared for our premium digital wallpaper, but prices can vary depending on the total total meterage ordered and the type of wall covering you choose to print your design onto.

Does it cost more to choose from your image/design stock then to send you my own photograph?

We pay all our talented photographers royalty fees for use of their images, so yes, the fee is slightly higher then if you send us your own image.

How do I get a quote for a custom mural?

On each page of our website there are links to our online inquiry form. Please send us your wall size – height x width – including any questions your may have and on receipt one of our friendly consultants will be happy to assist you with an email reply or telephone call…your choice!

Can I speak to someone about my inquiry?

Yes. The quickest way to receive a reply is through our email inquiry forms which can be found in the contact page of our website or you can leave a message for one of our friendly consultants between 9am and 1pm Monday through Friday.

I can’t find an image I like, do you have others available?

If you can’t find an image to suit your space online, then we have lots of resources available to find it for you. Fill our our online inquiry form with details of what you are looking for, or send us an email with an example and /or details to: info@aussiemurals.com.au

How many panels will my One-size mural have?

Your One-size mural will arrive in its own custom made box, rolled and protected in 8 separate pieces which when placed together will create your mural. For installation advice, please download our installation pdf at the bottom of this page.

Will I see an example of my custom mural before you print it?

Absolutely! We will send through a pre-press .pdf version of your mural before it goes to print so that you can approve your mural and be totally happy with the end print you will receive

Can I order a sample of my custom mural before I go ahead with my order?

Yes certainly you can. Due to the process of a custom mural there is a cost of $120.00 per sample which we will refund to you once we receive your order. We will send you an online sample and strip of your mural at full size to view by email prior to placing your order, at no extra cost.

Can you expedite my order?

One-size orders take approximately 7-10 working days to be delivered as long as we have your design in stock. Custom wall murals take approximately 10-15 working days from your approval. If you would like your mural to arrive sooner, please contact us for details.

Can I order online?

Yes. Send your order through our inquiry form and once received our friendly consultants will email you directly with an invoice and details of our easy payment options.

What payment methods do you have?

The quickest payment method is though EBT to our account, or you may pay by credit card (Visa or Mastercard accepted) directly to us or online through PayPal.

Can I install my mural without a professional?

All One-size murals come with installation information and you may also download a .pdf version from the bottom of this page. We do suggest that our custom made murals are installed by a professional for a seamless finish, but many of our customers do install their own murals with great results. All vinyl/laminated murals should be installed by a professional as once they are placed on the wall they are not removable/repositionable.Our removable sticker should be applied with a plastic squeegee tool, available from most Hardware stores.

Do you have professional installers in my area?

We have installers available in most areas throughout Australia. Please contact us for details.

What quality wall-covering do you print onto?

All our murals are printed onto bio-degradable pre-pasted wallpaper or grade II vinyl with over-lamination in your choice of matt or glossy finish with a life-span of up to 5 years+ (can be less or more depending on the conditions of where your mural is installed).

Does my wall need to be prepared for a wall mural?

Yes. Your mural or sticker may not adhere correctly unless the wall is prepped prior to hanging. We suggest 2x coats of wallboard sealant or an acrylic (non-teflon or oil based) paint a light sand and you will be good to go. Our installers suggest you leave a week for the wall to totally dry before you hang your mural.

How do I know if my own image is good enough for a custom wall mural?

A lot depends on how big you require your mural and the quality of your original file. You may email us your mural or design and we will check it for you, obligation free.

Can I use an image I have found on the internet?

Unfortunately most internet images are set as low resolution and not suitable for a big enlargement. If you love the look and would like us to find something high resolution for your mural, send us your inquiry and we will start a search for you. It is very possible we have a like-image or design in our stock that we can send you for consideration.

Why does my image need to be high resolution?

As we increase the size of your image the dpi or dots per inch increase which makes the image pixelate or look blurry, therefore for mural size prints, we require high resolution images and designs.

What do I need to keep in mind if purchasing an image from an online photography stock website?

The largest file available is the one you want! Choose the XXXL version and if you are unsure of suitability, send through the details prior to finalizing your decision. We are here to help!

What wall covering options can I choose from?

• Green – biodegradable pre-pasted wallpaper
• Smooth – satin finish
• Fire retardant, rated and tested
• Paste is not required
• Easy to clean with a damp sponge/cloth.

• Vinyl with Matt/Glossy Laminated finish
• Backing sheet comes away to reveal pre-pasted backing
• Laminate protects image and allows heavier cleaning
• No paste required.

• Removable/repositionable fabric Sticker
• Backing sheet comes away to reveal pre-pasted backing
• Fabric-like finish, not laminated
• No paste required.
• Easy to clean with a damp sponge/cloth.

How will my custom mural arrive?

Your custom mural will arrive rolled onto a tube and protected with water-proofed packaging.

How many panels will my custom-made mural have?

Rule of thumb is usually 1m wide panels x height. We will always let you know how many panels and the size on your invoice prior to printing.

Will my custom mural be cropped or be the same as the image online?

Depending on your wall size, sometimes to keep the quality of the image, we will crop your image to your wall size. If possible and on request, we can keep the image as a whole but if it will distort at full wall size, we will suggest a cropped version.

Will I receive Shipping confirmation for my order?

Yes, once your order is ready to leave our depot, we will email the shipping/delivery details with a tracking code from the delivery company.

Can I clean my mural?

All our wallpaper murals can be wiped clean with a damp sponge/cloth All vinyl laminated murals can be wiped with a cloth or with a mild detergent if needed. Excessive cleaning or scrubbing with harsh chemicals can damage your mural.

What if I’m not sure if my image is suitable?

Send us an inquiry and we will reply with an email address to return your image to us for checking. Alternatively feel free to send your image through by www.dropbox.com or www.hightail.com which are excellent secure external ftp services and are totally free! We are happy to check your image and give you an honest opinion as to suitability. We want you to love your original wall mural and if on enlargment it will make your eyes bleed, we will let you know! Remember, the end result of your print will only be as good as the original file. It’s that simple.

What if I don’t want to glue my mural to the wall, do I have other options?

Yes. Many of our clients adhere our murals onto a backing sheet or board. Or use two way sticky tape or Velcro. Need help? Call or email us for other solutions.

My question hasn’t been answered.

Call us or email us now. We are happy to help you.


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